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May 12, 2010

The near finished product! Fledgling House Finch!

Dad House Finch.

Must not leave out a photo of Pop and the fledglings! Now that I think about it…..I can’t recall ever hearing much from Pop house finch….maybe he has given up trying to be heard over all the chit chatting of the little ones and the moms….now moms  don’t go off and be mad… know you all chat up a storm right along with the little ones……but it may just be out of self defence… be heard over the yelling and demands from all the little and young ones…..after all there are…. uh…well…more than a few of you….now I must go…, love, learn and then share  with everyone you meet until our paths cross again…… Lila

As ever never, ever interfere with the nesting of critters……photos from afar only!

The post color in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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  1. April 20, 2013 10:49 am

    I know all the conservationists are going to be on my back but temporary measures are sometimes necessary to meet interim needs. I am all for keeping wild animals wild and not interfering with their hunting cycle. However, when given a choice of helping the polar bear or letting it go extinct, I’m for direct help. (look at Yellowstone park—how long did it take for us to wake up and fight that fire in the 1980s in spite of the fact we said fire was an act of nature.) There is a limit on how much we can let nature take its course because ‘nature’ is not natural anymore! Repeat that statement after me—“nature” is not natural anymore.

    What if we were to capture as much of the Asian carp, which are plaguing the midwest and, through the river system, will soon destroy all the fish that belong in this region, and feed the polar bear. We can be hopeful that the ice will return and the polar bear will again be able to eat its natural food, but that is a very long shot!!!! Why not spend some of the funds collected to catch and transport the fish to deposit in as natural a spot as we can find for the bear and if we finally reach our goal of returning the arctic to its pristine, ice covered region, we can gradually stop our ‘unnatural’ feeding system. I think that beautiful bear will finally go south, turn brown and become the grizzly! But not after 100’s of years and so much suffering in the polar bear’s world that we could alleviate, that we will be telling our children fables of the giant white bear that once inhabited the formerly frozen ice fields of Alaska. The Asian carp will not go away on their own. I have heard stories of poisoning the waterways and starting over again with the native fish. What a lot of dreaming—-they’ll come back!! Make them useful!! Peg Hamilton

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