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May 12, 2010
Mom House Finch
House Finch eggs and nest.
House Finch nestlings!
These are the runner-up from our Mother’s Day Brunch for the most new young ones by Mother’s Day! The ever, over loud and rowdy House Finch!  My goodness they are so loud…..the Pop is the smallest of all the House Finch….Mom is larger than Pop and at first the fledglings can seem bigger than Mom but that is most likely to be as they keep their feathers all puffed up and their wings always flapping and their mouths wide, wide open…..and still able to yell for more food…..all at the same time… they are a handful. Now that was a hard group to keep an eye on……sometimes they would be flapping their wings so hard just to be seen better than the other fledglings that suddenly they would just ….POP… up into the air and drop back down…..we had house finch fledglings popping up and down like pop corn all over the patio…….was sooo glad when the sun started to go down and it was time for all the moms to come get the young ones and head home! Another Mother’s Day Brunch done right! Keep your eyes open and watch out there for all the young ones now and until our paths cross again be at peace with one and all…… Lila
As ever never, never interfere with nesting birds or critters…photos from afar only!
The post color is in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
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