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May 12, 2010


Every year at our Mother’s Day Brunch on my patio with all of my critters we have made a point of seeing who has the most young ones on Mother’s Day. So, this year we made it an official contest! The winner and runner-up gets the rest of the day off and the rest of us will clean up and watch the little ones. The first place goes to the Carolina Chickadees! There were so many little Chickadees everywhere…..zipping and zooming to the sunflower seed bowl and back to the tree limbs over the patio… goodness it looked like the Atlanta Airport at it’s most busy time…..just as one lands grabs a seed then zip off and zoom another Chickadee comes in for a landing………zoommmm……lightning fast! Yep, they took first place……but the House Finches were a close second……every close. Now if you couldn’t see them and could only hear them ….you would think the House Finches were number one! I have never heard any other group of birds be more vocal than the House Finches… can hear them coming even when they are blocks away……each one chatting over the other never stopping to even take a breath or so it seems…lol….and when they have their fledglings with them well, then just add ten fold to the volume and the sound of non-stop flapping of their little wings, all the while they demand mom or dad to feed them next….every time, all the time……so yes these moms needed the day off. So here are some photos of Chickadees and House Finches…..these are some photos from my older files and can’t remember where I got them as it has been several years ago…..check back to photo credits…..the tremors in my hands have been too bad lately for the most part so photos from me are fewer….but these are very close to my critters and place. Please also note that while some may be very up close shots you should never, never interfere with nesting birds or other critters as their well-being must always come first! So  enjoy and have fun until our paths cross again……. Lila

This post color in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I’ll have to post the rest of the photos in two other posts…..some reason can’t get them all to post in just one…oh well! I will keep trying!!


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