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June 1, 2010

On May 6, 2010 some 20 miles off of the Louisiana coastline are these beautiful northern Chandeleur barrier islands. This aerial view shows that the oil has reached land.

On May 6, 2010 just off the coast in the oily waters of the Chandeleur Sound, La. This photo was taken and shows a pod of Bottle Nose dolphins swimming in the polluted water created by BP Oil when the Deepwater Horizon had a blowout that they could not fix and as of today {06/01/10} can not fix.

These photos will have to speak for themselves. As I can only say that these photos make me ill. Shortly after these photos were taken a pod of six dolphins washed ashore. Now I don’t know if they were the same ones in these photos or not…..can’t even say if they were the same species…. and now may never know because the environmental groups that had been helping to clean and care for the contaminated/injured wildlife, who had been posting on-line a record of the numbers injured and dead….. were firmly told by BP CEO to stop and from that point onward BP would keep the count and once lab results come in will post the “accurate numbers”…..saying that the dolphins {those 6} and turtles {now 200+} found didn’t have oil on them and may very well have had nothing to do with the oil spill……MR. TONY HAYWARD……….REALLY? REALLY NOW!?  Ah….just a cautionary note here to the general public…..if I were you…I wouldn’t stand very close to him….Lord when He goes to strike him with lighting for such lies it’s bound to be a big one!  The suffering of the wildlife should be a heavy burden to bear but Mr. Hayward said “….I want to plug the damn leak……I want this all over….I want to go home…..” sounds more like he is fed up and wants to go home….more of that conversation to follow in this 8 part post………BP CEO may not be shedding any tears but……my tears mark the spot until our paths cross again……. Lila

PLEASE CALL, WRITE OR E-MAIL YOUR STATE AND FEDERAL REPRESENTATIVES AND EVEN PRESIDENT OBAMA AND TELL THEM TO STOP THE MADNESS!! {and just what is this madness? it’s madness if you build something knowing it will at some point breakdown and you don’t have a workable plan to fix it……but drill it anyway!!!}

photo credits: roll over photos for pop-up.

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