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I want to rest my weary feet in the cold Merced River……

July 20, 2010






















I haven’t been able to do a full post in more days than I can remember….but then again that might not be saying much…..all the trouble in the world and my life too….. well it just got the better of me….meaning I over did it and didn’t listen to my doctor. I’m hard-headed that way…..doesn’t do me any good, so why I continue to be that way beats me! For any one who may be here for the first time or so, all you need to know is I am disabled due to a combination of several illnesses….but for the most part I leave that stuff to my other blog {“Lila Lost in the Fibro Fog….” also here at wordpress} and only mention it here when I have to miss posting for a spell. Then I try to at least post a few “JUST A LOOK ON THE LIGHTER SIDE….. of the dark…” to show I’m still a live. I have been over whelmed by the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. I have been writing, calling, e-mailing and posting to those who needed information to use to help in the fight to stop and prevent this crisis and to protest to all those that are responsible for this whole mess. I had gotten to the point that I was doing little else……needless to say that isn’t “a good thing” as Martha Stewart would say. So there I was sitting gloomy not wanting to even think what next might happen when  I caught a slight movement off to my side…… I looked and had to break out in a big grin and suddenly felt tears well up in my eyes….tears for a lost youthful summer time past…. what brought all this on? The movement was Double Trouble The Super Squirrel on my patio near my glass doors, he turned and suddenly jumped up and started chasing fireflies! Let me mention real fast that all the while I had been sitting there in gloomy worry, my little critters from both the outside day and night crew had been sitting with their cold wet noses pressed to the glass doors. Yes, all there plus a new one named “Peanut”  who had its tiny pink little opossum nose on the glass and barely higher than the lower door seal its self! They were worried as I hadn’t been out to play nor joined in on any of the Friday Night Poker games…..yes they were worried…..and DT was too…. it’s just that he can’t let an opportunity to chase fireflies go to waste …so he broke the formation from the crew’s vigil and was running all over the patio jumping from chair to rocking chair…. up the wooden fence …..down the hanging basket……around the feeding stations and bird bath! Yes for all of his trouble he can grow on ya and every now and then even make you smile…..just have to be careful he doesn’t see or it will go to his head and he would be too hard to handle for weeks. I soon got up and went out on the patio and talked with my critters. I let them know things would soon be more like normal….. {mind you not your kind of normal but our kind of normal and if you need to ask I can’t even begin to explain in this post as it would take too much time}….. and not to worry any more or they might get wrinkles! When our new little opossum pal Peanut asked what was a wrinkle the whole out-door crew fell out laughing.  Rocco who is one of our raccoons that has been feeling his age while being around all the younger critters didn’t help him self feel any younger when he laughed so hard he peed himself…….and the whole laugh fest started all over again….even Rocco was still laughing. We all watched the last rays of the sun set together….well almost all of us…..DT was still chasing fireflies.  I stayed out on the patio in my comfy rocking chair with my feet up and let my mind wonder as I saw DT off in the distance jumping from tree limb to tree limb still chasing those fireflies….. yes the fireflies….that got me back to those lost youthful summers of long ago….suddenly feeling that strong desire to walk the paths of my old stomping grounds. The early cool misty mornings…..slipping out the door before anyone else is up….climbing a neighbor’s fence grabbing a cluster of grapes and back over the fence in seconds….practice makes perfect….small smile that brings out that dimple I got from my grandfather…..and around the corner…..pause for a moment to ponder the choices….quick jump up and snap off a plum so dark purple it looks black as that is the sweetest of all the plums! Not even a growl from the neighborhood dogs……I was good! Now to sit back on the corner propped against one of the old sycamore trees the city had long ago planted and were great to climb….when no one was around to yell at me. That was some of the best fruit I have ever eaten….nothing now ever tastes as good. There I would sit listening to the mournful calls of the Mourning Doves.  I also practiced their calls while I ate and thought out my big plans for the rest of the day. Once the mist had burned off I knew I would have to see if anyone was up and what would be the best way to go about my plan for the days activities….who would I have to work with….older sister or brother or mother or any combo of all of them? A good day the three of us kids would take off for the creek, river or lake and that was indeed a good day! We would be off on our own living off the land and it was always a great adventure….times were different then….. OK I’ll date myself it was the 60’s and we were in the small town of Merced in the heart of California….the world was ours….things were so simple then and every where I looked was such natural beauty and I like most kids took it for granted! The trips and outings……oh camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that were only a short drive away were fantastic. We would “rough it” and camp out with only our sleeping bags, few cooking items and plates, fishing gear and minimal food and ice chest….and always first aid and safety gear. But our main food would be what ever we caught our self and it was always sooo goooood! Fresh fish and craw fish and fresh berries sometimes.  If it was warm enough we would always end up not just fishing in the Merced River but we would be in it too! The river was crystal clear and the riverbed made up of smooth rounded rock and pebbles…… if you were in a shallow part of the river you could see the fish…..sometimes we would put our poles down and chase after them with our hands…. not very successful at that…. the fish’s odds went up drastically at that point. We just wanted an excuse to play in the water and mostly would end up finding a spot that formed a natural “rock slide” and scoot down it into the deeper water. The water was always cold too! We could put our few “treat soda” bottles in a net held by a rock in the water to keep them cold. And just as the sun would start to set we would have a fire going to cook our fish and warm up them camp beans while I would sit on a rock at the river’s edge with me feet in the water …… sipping on my soda and watching the dozens of fireflies dancing in the twilight air….. Yes I find myself yearning for lost summers of times past…..when things were better…. slower….well at least I still have my fireflies …..pull up one of my rocking chairs and put your feet up and sit a spell with me…..who knows, you might not only see some of my fireflies but just maybe….. just maybe….you might even smell that faint smell of the mix of pine and campfire…… or sit back and draw on some of your own  lost summers past and stay as long as you like and let your joyful memories be your companion until our paths cross again……… Lila

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  1. July 21, 2010 12:35 pm

    Very nice article, thanks! I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed. Please keep up posting.

    • July 21, 2010 5:19 pm

      Thank you very much! I always feel good when I know someone has enjoyed my passion for the written word and the stories it can share. I’m not even above putting in a shameless plug to say feel free to tell others. Thanks also for subscribing too! You can look over some of the past critter tales to see how it all began when you feel a critter tale craving creeping up on you….. given time it will happen.

  2. August 4, 2010 6:26 am

    Beautiful photographs and very enjoyable reading. Your posts are very calming 🙂 When I read “….you might even smell that faint smell of the mix of pine and campfire……”, the first thing my brain did was to imagine the smell of the pine – One of the most relaxing smells in nature. I also really like “or sit back and draw on some of your own lost summers past”.

    I’m lucky in that I live in a relatively quiet and scenic area in the south of Ireland, so nature is at my doorstep. However, I would absolutely love to visit somewhere like place in your pictures. Part of me wants to go and spend my savings on a quiet cabin in a pine-filled forest!!

    • August 4, 2010 7:30 am

      Thank you so much for reading and replying. Feed back is a good thing. I so love the outdoors and long to go back but due to illness I can’t although I have had many opportunities that most have not. I’ve been able to live and visit many wonders of nature. I do regret not doing much traveling outside of the US. I had dreamed that in my retired years I could travel to the “old world countries” and Ireland was on the top of my list! Thought of it as a wild and romantic country and many historic places to see. Too bad my illness got to me before retirement could…lol… oh well but with the Internet and Google maps I’ve been able to go and see via satellite get aerial views of many place I’ll never get to go and see in person…. hey if there is a will there is a way! Thanks for reading and come by anytime.

  3. August 4, 2010 7:56 am

    I plan to take some pictures of Cork and to put them on my blog before the end of the year – If I do, I’ll send you a link so that you can see what it is like here. Normally it rains pretty much every day, but this year the sun has been shining more than ever. Probably due to environmental factors!

    I am quite the opposite with regard to where I have travelled – I have never travelled outside of Europe! My dream is to visit the U.S.!

    • August 4, 2010 10:08 am

      I would be very pleased to see your photos. We have been in a heat wave here and at the same time having floods too! We here have been very blessed to have many natural wonders that have been put a side to be saved and made available to be seen and enjoyed by the general public. I hope you get the chance to come and see them for your self!

      • August 4, 2010 10:33 am

        A heatwave combined with floods? How unusual!

        I definitely plan to see many parts of the U.S. – I thought I’d start with the nearest stop, New York, and next time I’ll go a longer distance. It’ll be amazing to experience an English-speaking place outside of the British Isles! Who knows, I might live in the U.S. some day.

        Thanks for your comment over on my blog – Much appreciated. I’ll keep you updated as regards the Cork photographs!


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