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Oh Peanut!……….Really now? By the way welcome to our little urban wildlife habitat!

July 22, 2010



Welcome Peanut to our humble little urban wildlife habitat! About this time of year we usually get a few new critters to join our current cast of characters….ahh…I mean critters. I try to keep an eye out for these newbies as there are some around here that have a slightly DIFFERENT way of saying welcome. Only problem is that I can’t stay a wake 24/7…..and the little mischievous critters know that…..even depend on that fact…..especially Double Trouble the Super Squirrel… he lives for that fact! I think he might even have his own type of “bucket list”.  Only it’s full of things to do that will drive me nuts. Just like he did today for example. If I could have gotten my hands on that squirrel he would still be sitting in the corner and he may not be allowed to the next patio party…and we will be having one very soon too. We need a party! But back to the point……..I was enjoying a nice cup of my favorite coffee and trying to catch up on some of my reading when I heard yelling and crying out for help and some laughing…… no couldn’t be laughing….not mixed with such terrified screams for help…..wait…why yes there was laughter! Oh no that sounds like Peanut yelling for help and DT laughing…….NOW what is was he doing?


So I got up and went out to the patio to see what was going on and well there was little Peanut hanging upside down from a tree limb and screaming for help. Yep, I was right about Peanut and I too was right about DT…..he was there also up in another tree not far a way just laughing and laughing. DT called out to Peanut to say “well you are the one who said all opossums can hang by their tails….so why are you screaming like a baby…..cry baby?”  As I stood there waiting for DT to take note that I was there watching, he went on to say “so you little Peanut you can get up but  not down? Oh just let go why don’t ya?” I decided it was time to let my presence be known and step in and get things under control before Peanut got hurt and DT got a way. As soon as I did DT turned to run but took time to say he didn’t do anything…lol….I knew that was coming!


I yelled at him “So why are you running away then?”  But my concern right then was for Peanut…..we would have time to talk later. Poor Peanut….I instructed to calm down and relax and just to let go, the drop wasn’t far but Peanut said “NO!”  OK I said “Fine wait a minute and do not to go anywhere {he he he} I’d be right back.” Peanut’s response was “NOT FUNNY! Not funny at all!” “Hey I’m not the one hanging upside down off a tree limb and can’t get down” I replied. I went in and grabbed a pillow and brought it out and placed it perfectly under Peanut and said to let go and drop onto the pillow……with out any more encouragement Peanut let go and went plop onto the pillow and bounced off the pillow! All safe and sound and back on the ground……and a very happy little opossum ran to my feet and hugged my ankle all the while sniffling out thank you, thank you, thank you! I had Peanut come back to the patio with me to talk. After getting a fresh cup of joe for me and a small plate with dried apricots and nuts for Peanut I went out to sit on the patio in my rocking chair and Peanut climbed onto the small table next to my chair. Oh Peanut squealed with delight at the fine meal and started to much a way….too busy to tell me what happened. I guess I should have remembered that adventures can work up an appetite! I used that time to tell Peanut about some of the rules and who and what to watch out for in “our little piece of haven” ….critters are safe within the boundaries of this habitat but not once outside of these boundaries. Most of all to watch out for DT as he is just what his name says “double trouble”. Well after eating every little morsel and getting a long drink from the ground level water station, Peanut gave me the skinny of the hanging by the tail stunt……seems DT had said that he had heard opossums could do the “hang by your tail” trick but he didn’t believe it…..then Peanut said it was true and let DT push the issue to the point that Peanut felt the need to prove it….only problem was Peanut had never done it……but had seen mom do it several times…..and it was really easy too… even…..but then came the time to get down…..and Peanut didn’t remember how mom did it….and DT started to laugh….and DT wasn’t gonna help and then DT said he was gonna leave! Classic DT behaviour…..hit and run! I told Peanut not to forget this lesson. Peanut did say that it was kind of fun falling onto the pillow and bouncing…..maybe can we do it again? I just shook my head and thought this might be the start of trouble…..maybe double trouble….am I looking at another dare-devil in the making….time will tell I guess….I need another cup of joe and I think I will try to think about quiet times….like when the only thing I hear would be the sweet songs of my feathered friends….love the songs of Mr. and Mrs. Brown Thrasher….truly romantic love songs he sings to his mate…..I hope you have enjoyed your visit….remember you can stay as long as you want….go ahead and put your feet up… one will complain…we aren’t formal around  here that way….heck kick off your shoes if you want but do keep an eye on them as they have a way of going missing….enjoy the soft breeze and sun on your shoulders while sipping on some sweet ice tea…… take a little of the sunshine and gentle breeze with you as you go about your life and feel contented with all you do until our paths cross again…… Lila

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