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August 29, 2010

Double Trouble the Super Squirrel....aka "DT"


          Yes,  folks he has been at it again.  He has found a way in somewhere and went on-line and read some of my critter tales.  He left me a note again stuck to my patio door with a glob of tree sap.  He has gotten together with both the outside day and night crew and read them my post “I want to rest my weary feet in the cold Merced River……” and now they want to skip the Friday Night Poker games and instead get together for me to tell them some of my “human” tales.  He even said please!  I almost fell out of bed when I read that part of his note…….shocking!  How can I turn that down?    

          So on Friday night all the critters came to the patio ready to settle in for the beginning of that for which was to become the telling of the tale.  There were the squirrels, raccoons, opossums, rabbits and even all of my feathered friends were camping out for the event.  Also many other smaller four or more legged critters tucked into the dark corners a round the patio.  I asked what sort of tale did they want?  DT jumped up and down on the corner fence post he was sitting on and said with wonder “Oh please, tell us about that place up in those mountains!”.  Very good pick!  That just happens to be one of my favorite spots too.  Once everyone is comfy and got all the wiggles out and ready, I’ll begin the tale of “Lovely Mountain Cabin”……    

There once was a lovely cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains just a stones throw from the Blue Ridge Parkway and covered with more trees than you could count!       




View Great Smokey Mountains/Blue Ridge Parkway


The log cabin had a great view too! And there was my perfect rocking chair on the perfect porch…. I had spent many hours there…..just watching all the mountain critters for there were many….maybe even some that all of you might be related to!       




No phone or cell phones, No TV





The spa tucked away in the woods and a nice view from the hot tub


The birds would sing all day long and even wake us up each morning.  To wake up and step out the cabin door with a fresh cup of my dark brew of coffee aroma lingering around me and to sit in my rocking chair for as long as I liked, just taking it all in…..well….  was like living in my own kind of heaven!  On the other hand the first time my two leg critter were there some adjustments were needed…lol…no Internet, phones of any kind and no TV.  But they soon found things to do.  Fishing for rainbow trout {I see you licking your lips Rocco!}, hiking trails and mining for gem stones.  My younger son even found enough raw gem stones to make me three pendents: one oval and one pear shaped Blue Topaz and one emerald cut Amethyst!  I know how many of my critters love shinny stuff!  While they were engaged in some of those adventures I had one of my own….lol…Rocco, Tater, Tot, Little Momma, Benny, June and Bebe all of you raccoons would love my adventure.  A hot tub and spa….. oh yes…. very nice….and the crystal clear splashing water of the mountain brook next to the spa would surely draw all critters to come play and I saw all kinds enjoying those waters while we spent our days at the lovely cabin’s spa.    



Night time falls on our little log cabin.


Oh how I wish I could be there now!  And Peanut there were tons of trees that you and your opossum tail could dangle from to your little opossum heart’s delight.  Same would apply to all you squirrels…lol….I know all of my feathered friends would have enjoyed the variety of seeds and plants.  Everyone would have loved the many brooks that tumbled or meandered down the mountain side a round the cabin.  After long days of discovery and fun we would fire up the grill and cook the fresh fish {great on the grill}.  My younger son caught his first fish while at the cabin when he was very young and while removing the hook ….. well part of the eye came out…and my son promptly lost his lunch….yes all down the front of his shirt….one of those moments that every mom waits for…just so that when he is older we can tell everyone about the big event.  Just after dark we would pop some pop corn and go out side and sit on the porch in the rocking chairs and try to throw pop corn in to each others mouth… that would turn into an all out pop corn throwing war… let’s just say all the local critters had a nice pop corn snack the next morning.    

The night-time was not silent….but filled with the sounds of the rushing, tumbling and splashing mountain  brooks as they pass by the cabin….crickets, frogs, even some fire flies and other night loving things of which I had no clue…..but they were loud!  We always found it hard to leave that cabin.  Although we did have some wild adventures while on the way home…..but that will have to be at an other time as it is late and all of you critters need to scamper on home now…..YES, DT we will do this again….. NOW scoot!  And now for me…..I too should scoot…..but no need for you to go….. stay as long as you like, the views are free, as are the rocking chairs…..go a head and take some of the Great Smokey Mountains and the little lovely cabin with you in your mind, heart and soul….. feel its serenity until our paths cross again…….. Lila    

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  1. September 8, 2010 11:29 am

    I’d love to play poker with a group of squirrels! They could use their tails to clear the chips from the table, like they do in the casinos!

    I bet they’d end up winning all the dosh though.

    • September 9, 2010 3:15 am

      Hey they are fun but ya gotta watch ’em! You must read post “Things to know BEFORE partying with critters” {under critter entry Jan. 7, 2010} or they could take ya to the cleaners!

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