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September 15, 2010



     Folks just like you never want to play poker with a cat…..never, never let your dog have an unsupervised play date with a cat either.  Nothing good can come of such an occasion.  Those good-hearted pups just don’t stand a chance against a wily, sneaky cat.  So, if you have seen one of those crafty feline critters that has lurked around trying to play nice with your dog…. you might want to keep your dog inside and sleep with one eye open! Double check your windows and doggy door to make sure all is locked up tight.  We are entering the season cats love the most…….Boooo!   Me too….{if here you would see a small smile forming}…. I hope I’m feeling better soon as I like fall and winter.  Hope to be all perky and posting full posts in a couple of days! In the mean time, there are tons of great critter tales of days gone by…..just pull up that rockin’ chair over yonder and prop your feet up…..have a hot cup of cinnamon apple cider…..I always stir in a few of those mini red hots shaped like hearts into each cup….hmmm sooo gooood!  And snuggle into a good long read…..maybe from the very beginning……..enjoy and let your inner child take you by the hand and remind you how to skip instead of walk through this changing of seasons until our paths cross again………. Lila

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  1. September 15, 2010 8:42 am

    Lovely post 🙂

    My two cats and my dog are unusual in that they are extremely affectionate towards each other 🙂 Our labrador retriever keeps the cats clean and healthy by licking them and the two cats keep the dog warm by sitting on her! We had a Bernese Mountain dog prior to the Retriever and she also used to take care of the cats. I think that’s why they’ve lasted these eight years. I think our cats think that they are dogs, because every time a strange unknown dog comes into the garden, the cats both run after it and chase it off the land! I reckon they’d be great at herding sheep!


  1. JUST A LOOK ON THE LIGHTER SIDE….. of the dark…..

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