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Waterfalls of Life

November 17, 2010

                                   The verity of events in our life are like waterfalls.

                         Their waters not only help to shape us but they also give us

                            strength and infuse our spirit with beauty and character.


          I have spent my days of late taking in the view of many such waterfalls of life.

Being shaped, weathered and worn by the cool waters.  Sharp edges smoothed.  Some areas thinned

to near breaking while others strengthened and made firm.  Never knowing what direction the rushing

water will take as it pushes over the cracks and crevices and filling swirling eddies with newly created sand.

No need to fight it for this is the way of life……as it has always been and will be until our paths cross again…..Lila


I want to thank Rich for allowing me the use of his photos on my blogs.  Rich’s photos are stunning examples of  nature and why we must protect and preserve our environment.  More of his work can be found on his link to North Carolina Waterfalls @   and to contact him for use or purchase of his work @    

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