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Entry for April 14, 2009 The Rain Bow After The Storm.

April 11, 2014

Just wanted to give a nice blast from the past. This was a post of mine a few Masters ago. Has been one of my favorites and thought it was worth a second read. So enjoy until our paths cross again….. Lila

Lila's Room With "Views"

Sunset rainbows

It has been a few days since our paths have crossed. We’ve not been gone just very, very busy….. very busy indeed! To start with our fair city was host to critters (mostly of the two legged kind) from all over the world. They had come from near and far to see The Master’s National Golf Tournament. My critters have been known to sneak in and blend in to the back ground and watch everything! If you were there or watching on TV you might have even heard some of my sneaky little critters as they kept a birds eye view on things and got carried away and would start singing…..I heard them…. I couldn’t get through those gates either, like so many others….. but I heard some of my Northern Cardinals and Carolina Wrens…… couldn’t mistake them…lol… heard them loud and clear! Yep just about everyone of my outside…

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