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Can’t See My Patio for the Leaves….. Oh My!

November 16, 2015


Well it seems like forever since my last post but I have been too sick to do much about it. Just haven’t felt up to sharing any of my critter tales or environmental updates {those updates lately only seem to get my blood pressure up!}. Oh, but Fall is in the air and I love Fall and Winter so much more than Summer {can’t tolerate the heat much any more}. So, the other morning I rolled over in bed and tried to stretch out my sore, stiff, aching muscles and joints. Pried my puffy eyes open and thought how much I hated mornings, but was looking forward to seeing the wonderful view out my glass patio doors located conveniently right next to my bed. All of the Oak and Ash Leaf Maple trees’ leaves were changing to their Fall colors and that view makes morning hours worth while. It had been raining non-stop for days but this day the weather man had promised bright sunshine all day long! Yes, blue sky and Fall leaves were to be the start of this new day, but wait…… what the heck? I saw beautiful Fall leaves….. check……but no blue sky… a matter of fact no sky at all! Now, just what was going on? Every inch of both glass doors were covered in leaves. I couldn’t see anything except leaves. I sat up on the side of my bed for a better look. Well, I’ll be darn those leaves are stuck to the doors with little dabs of pine sap and it looks like there was writing on them! So, I put on my reading glasses for a closer look and yes, there was writing on all of them. “We miss you!”, “Please come out to play!”, “It’s party time, so why aren’t you having us some?”, “It’s not the same without you.”, “I’m hungry feed me!”{I know who wrote that one…. Double Trouble the Super Squirrel}, “When is the next poker game?”, “Time to lite the fire and roast marshmallows and tell stories!”, “Come out and sing and dance with us soon!”, “Hanging around without you ain’t the same!” {I feel you Peanut}, “Did we do something wrong?” and so on with each and every leaf having a different message. Some nice and neat while other misspelled and hard to read. All of my critters had been very busy it seems. I wonder who’s house they raided to get the markers they used on the leaves. It doesn’t pay around my neighborhood to leave your windows open especially with all my squirrel, raccoon and opossum critter on the loose. They love going through your dresser drawers, closets, desk drawers and kitchen cabinets and heaven help you if you leave your credit cards laying around and they get accesses to your computer…. let’s just say strange things will start to show up in your mail or on your door step {if you get there before the offending critter does that is!}. Yes, they had been very busy.

     I took off my reading glasses and slid the door open to take a look outside and there was the bright blue sky and plenty of colorful leaves still on the trees. Upon those tree limbs also sat many of my beautiful feathered friends and tons of my critters including Double Trouble the Super Squirrel and Peanut hanging by the tail and waving at me. I smiled and waved back. Peanut is still one of the cutest opossums I’ve ever seen with its sharp toothy grin. I rubbed my eyes and looked again to make sure but yes, Rocco the raccoon was under the bird bath and sleeping soundly snuggled up with one bright orange spiked high heel shoe. Oh crap, one of my neighbors was going to be pissed. I called out to all of them “OK, I got it. Friday Night Poker games are back on. We’ll have a party soon and I’ll have food out after I have my coffee. Now, who is going to clean the tree sap off my glass doors? Oh, save the leaves they’ll go in my critter scrapbook thank you!” It is nice to be missed…… even if it may only be for the food sometimes.

     I guess I have some work to do, some parties to plan and Friday Night Poker games will be back. Heck, I might even let a stray cat join in on one of the poker games but that would mean keeping a close eye on it because we all know how they like to cheat at poker ….. and are very good at cheating too! I’m starting to soften up some towards cats since my two legged critter brought home TWO that he adopted but that is a whole other story! I must admit they do keep the squirrels from sneaking into the house at least until the squirrels learn that these two fat cats have a weakness for snacks, then things might change. Hopefully I’ll be posting those critter tales and other updates more often now.

     I hope you can sit back and relax with a steaming hot cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy the change of the Fall foliage in all of Mother Nature’s natural wonders until our paths cross again………. Lila




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