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April 11, 2013

bad mouse  

    Little kitty I would not tell everyone you let him trick you too! Cut back on the cat nip…lol…. Or say maybe some glasses but not that he tricked you….  All you other cats and critters watch out for them tricky little mice until our paths cross again…… Lila

** Photo from cheezburger and caption by Lila Byrd

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Asian Carp Alert…..them fish can fly so duck!

July 9, 2012

     Here is an important letter from the National Wildlife federation that I want to pass on to all my readers. The Asian Carp are the fish that jump out of the water when they hear the noise from boats and can injure passengers in the boats. They have even knocked people out of their boat and hurt those using smaller water crafts.  But, Asian Carp really are no laughing matter as they are a major threat to our native fish population.

The letter reads:

There’s something in our waters right now that
poses a clear threat to the Great Lakes — and
it’s growing exponentially
. Even as you read
this, this monster fish is invading a new waterway
in Minnesota.

They’re called Asian carp, and they were brought over from Asia in the 1970’s as a “cure” to clean fishponds by gobbling up algae. But when the ponds flooded, Asian carp escaped into the Mississippi River and have made their way to the Chicago water system — and beyond.

We urgently need to raise $125,000 by July 31 to
help combat this invasive aquatic species, and
protect other wildlife across the country.
carp have already taken over parts of the
Mississippi River and its tributaries and streams …
and just as recently as last month were discovered
past the electrical barriers that are supposed to stop
them from entering Lake Michigan, and invading
the Great Lakes.

With your urgent donation today we can pressure government to:

  • Secure      a permanent solution in Chicago by restoring the natural physical      separation of the Great Lakes from the Mississippi River.
  • Prevent      Asian carp from further infiltrating the Great Lakes.
  • Take      immediate action to stop their
    northward advance into Minnesota’s waters
    and beyond.

Adult Asian carp are simply too large for our native predators to combat, which has caused their rapid population growth and invasion into new areas for three decades now.

They can eat 20 percent of their body weight in
plankton every day. And they have the ability to
outcompete our native fish for food and living space
— survival necessities. Without the plankton the
Asian carp are wolfing down, native fish can
go hungry.

Your donation today will help National Wildlife Federation fight back against invasive species and protect threatened wildlife from coast to coast. Invasives like fast-spreading Zebra and Quagga mussels, feral swine, European green crabs, and many more can pose real threats to our nation’s precious native wildlife.

But we can only protect wildlife across the country
with the help of concerned NWF supporters
like you


Andy Buchsbaum
Regional Executive Director,
Great Lakes

P.S. We only have 25 days to reach our goal of $125,000 to combat Asian carp and other invasive species, and protect wildlife across the country. So don’t delay! Donate today.

You can help by giving what you can or pass the info on to others who may be able to donate.  You can visit the NWF web site they are on my blog roll or to donate go to   or call 1-800-822-9919!

Thanks for reading and go in peace and grace knowing that you have helped our environment until our paths cross again…… Lila

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June 30, 2012

  “Yes! Yes! Oh this feels so good!”

    Today, in most parts of the US, to say it is hot is an understatement.  There are heat wave warnings in effect for the next few days.  There are heat wave advice warnings posted and reported in the news papers, TV and radio for humans and our favorite pets, but lets not forget all the other wild life we share space with in our own yards, patios and decks. 

     Even if you do not normally feed your local feathered friends, you might be surprised at how many will come if you only put out some water!  No food needed…. it would be nice….but none needed, right now water will attracted many birds and other wild life looking for some much-needed relief from the heat!

     Now what to do.  If you already have bird baths set up great, but they need to be checked on at least twice a day as the water can get very hot in just a few hours in these high temperatures.  What I do , I put fresh water out after dark and that way the first few early birds or other critters will have a somewhat cool drink of water until I can get moving in the morning.  I am not a morning person, but if you are, fresh morning filling would be fine.  Midday is when I next check my water stations.  By noon the water is already hot to the touch!  So, out it goes {use the old water for watering your plants or cool it off and reuse later} and fresh cool water is placed and since the water can become heated quickly I add ice to the water.  You can then just add ice throughout the rest of the day if you have time, otherwise by late afternoon check and add more cool water.  The birds and other wildlife will treat you to a nice display of water play for your efforts.  Remember this is breeding season for most wildlife and there are young that are at risk now due to this heat wave.

     What to use.  You don’t have a bird bath?  That’s OK, you don’t have to have a fancy bird bath or if you do then put some more water stations out during this heat wave.  Try and use stoneware, plastic or clay shallow dishes with sloping sides/edges as these will not become so over heated to cause harm.  For deeper dishes add a few rocks just under the water level so that the small critters have a safe way to enjoy the water.

     Where to put them?  I like to use several heights and locations.  The ones on the ground I keep in shaded spots where most anything that walks, creeps or crawls can enjoy and quench their thrust.  For the feathered critters, I use hanging hooks in the shade or placed on top of bricks or wood stands where they are protected from other critters who might like a snack with their water.  Don’t worry, if you put them out they will come….

     Now just sit back and enjoy your cool long drink and the gentil breeze on your shoulders ….. from the air conditioner…… while watching the water play until our paths cross again……  Lila

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A letter from Robert Redford….

March 2, 2012

     I received a letter from Robert Redford recently who other than being a great actor is also on the Natural Resources Defense Council Board of Trustees.  His plea in this letter made me put on my big girl waders and get back to posting as it seems that the woes of the world are not waiting on me to feel better and get on my feet again.  This letter contained a letter of protest in regards to Shell oil drilling in the Arctic.  I plan on sending a copy of it to Ken Salazar…. I know he must be missing me since I’ve been too ill to join the protests this past year. 

     Mr. Redford asked this question ”Do you trust Shell with the fate of the polar bear?”.  My answer is no way and no how, do I trust them or any other oil company.  Especially those that belong to other countries and would not pollute their home land environment, but ours means nothing as we saw with the Gulf oil spill by BP. Yes just like BP is foreign-owned, so is Shell {Royal Dutch Shell Oil}.  Shell is set to drill this summer in BOTH Alaska’s Polar Bear Seas.  Thanks to Mr. Salazar, Shell has taken a fast step to out smart the “environmentalist” and submitted a spill response and recovery plan that has now been approved.  Sounds great but this is what Rebecca Noblin, an attorney for the in Anchorage, said “Shell’s cleanup plan relies on technology such as the capping stack that has not even been built, much less tested. The reality is, we don’t know how to deal with an oil spill in the Arctic,” she said.  Chris Krenz of Oceana, an environmental group that focuses on oceans, applauded the decision to test Shell’s response equipment but questioned why officials would sign off on the spill prevention plan before the tests.  “It’s really ludicrous to approve Shell’s spill plan before those in-water tests are done,” Krenz said.  The decision presumes the next test will succeed, but the last public test of cleaning a spill in ice-filled waters was in 2000 and was a failure, Krenz said. Shell’s spill response plan claims it can clean up nearly all oil spilled, even though the recovery from BP PLC’s Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, a location with far more infrastructure, was only about 10 percent.  Shell says they can handle a spill….. really? In an environment that has 20 foot surging seas, gale-force winds and sub-zero temperatures?  The area that they want to drill is one of our country’s largest onshore birthing areas for polar bears.  A spill would devastate our ecosystem in the Arctic and a loss that leaves no chance of survival for the polar bear.  So, do you trust Shell?           I do not nor does the other groups I am a member of such as Center for Biological Diversity, NRDC, National Wildlife Federation and Bio-Gems.  We are currently fighting in at least two federal court rooms to stop the permit for the drilling in the Arctic. 

 In the process for reading up on this issue, I was surprised at the lack of understanding on the part of the general public on the topic of the future of the polar bear.  Some saying that polar bears are not threatened nor their environment or that animals like the polar bear will adapt and mother nature will take care of the rest.  Wrong! Yes, wild life does adapt but not that fast.  When mother nature is done….. We maybe the one to become extinct.  There are many reasons that it is important to protect the polar bear.  One being that the polar bear is like an achor species.  Meaning that if we protect them and their habitat, both on land and sea since these iconic creatures live on the sea ice/sea to feed {they even have webbed feet} and on land to mate, hibernate and give birth, then we are protecting all the wildlife that lives with them in their environment.   Another comment I found was to say that the polar bear population has no effect on humans nor environment and their loss would not impact anyone.  We all have our place in the environment and everything we or they do has an effect on us and our survival.  Polar ice melts more and more every year.  This ice helps to keep our planet cooler as the amount of white ice reflects the sun rays back into the atmosphere. With out the ice the sea {far darker in color} then absorbs the sun rays and heats up the sea water that then causes more ice melt.  Then the salinity of the water starts to change along with the water temperature. Then the sea life is forced to move further up into the arctic to cooler waters.  Our nations fisheries depend on our country’s fishing lanes and if the fish move into other countries fishing grounds we lose out.  Now that is just one negative out come and there are others still.  Keeping our Arctic pristine for our use is better than destroying it for oil.  We need to reduce our consumption of oil.  Yes, we will always need oil, but we need to use other sources for our energy…. like natural gas {also in moderation but with strong monitoring of safety} wind and solar.  We as a great nation can diversify our energy needs.  We just need to DO IT….not later but now. We have been saying this for decades but NO action of change yet!

For those who are saying we need to get out from under the foreign oil and we should drill baby drill and we will no longer need to buy foreign oil…….uhmm… we still would be dependant on foreign oil, just as BP is a foreign company so is Shell {Royal Dutch Shell}…. yep we would have to buy our own oil back from them!  Don’t be fooled by big oil or the coal industry for that matter as there is no such thing as clean coal, but that’s another story.   Remember and think about just whom is saying we need more oil and coal or our country is in danger due to the need of oil….. yep the oil and coal companies… they will try and scare us while manipulating the prices of oil to keep lining their pockets while we have to pay the price for their greed.

This is a copy of the protest letter please feel free to copy and send to Ken Salazar the Secretary of the Interior and mailing address and more.

Mailing Address:

 Department of the Interior

1849 C Street NW 

 Washington DC 20240

Phone: (202) 208-3100


Web: Feedback form 

Feel free to contact him on a regular basis so that he knows what we the people want.

Ken Salazar 

Secretary of the Interior

I am appalled that you are opening both Polar Bear Seas to oil development.  Your agency has already given Shell a tentative go-ahead to drill this summer in the Beaufort Sea, home to half of America’s polar bears.

These decisions open the door to disaster.  Shell is not prepared to handle a worst-case blowout under real-world conditions in the Arctic, where there are 20 foot seas, gale-force winds, protracted darkness and below-zero temperatures.  The Coast Guard’s own Commander Admiral Robert Papp has testified that the federal government has “zero” spill response capability in the Arctic.

Moreover, the oil industry still has no method for cleaning up spills in ice-filled waters. A major spill could devastate our fragile Arctic ecosystem–poisoning polar bears, suffocating whales and killing other wildlife.

I urge you to deny Shell the final permits it needs to begin drilling in the Polar Bear Seas.  Please say NO to Shell and defend these treasured environments you have been charged with protecting.


Your name goes here!

See my blog roll for direct links to NWF, CBD, NRDC and Bio Gems.  Well worth checking out!

May your conscience be your guide until our paths cross again…….   Lila

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More Ice than Snow….

January 11, 2011

My oak tree

This snow storm turned into more of a sleet and ice storm as we moved from Sunday night into Monday morning.  My favorite oak tree didn’t get the heavy coating of snow like it did last Feb. 2010 {see those photos in blog date Feb. 12, 2010 and Feb. 15, 2010}.  The tree has been coated in ice.  Try as I might I just couldn’t get a photo to show just how much ice has accumulated….. no matter I’m glad I was able to make it down the front steps {just before the snow set in…this time I listened to the news weather man} and moved my car out from under that tree.  Just one of its limbs could indeed turn my car into a compact and not in a good way.  So that is a quick look out the front door or as much as I could show without having to go outside….that wouldn’t be a safe thing for me to do given my current health. Now for the back view…. you know the one with a view….


Part of the back patio feeding and water area "refreshments".

Now this is the view before the party animals showed up.  In case you might be wondering why are there wooden 2x4s propped against the fence….the critters enjoy climbing up them to get to the top of the fence then either run along the fence top or the critters will slide down the 2x4s onto the patio.  They still climb up and down the fence too but they really like to slide down the 2x4s. 

Patio with a view.

   A view after the party animals.  You can see their tracks as they did the happy, happy, joy, joy dance!  Also note the 2x4s no longer have a coating of snow….. but the wild things found that the ice was still there and proved to be a fast and slick ride!  Now no one fret the water and food may look like it is covered with snow and ice….and it is but there are others that are under a shelter and the critters have no problem getting to the “refreshments”.  So this is how we spent our time during the snow and ice storm of Jan. 2011….. Well will ya look at that….oh yeah you can’t see can you…lol…. them critters are sneaking in now over the fence …..looking for a good time.  I think I will stay warm and enjoy a hot cup of apple cider with cinnamon and watch them wild things.  Pull up a rockin’ chair and join me.  The fire is going strong and the glass double doors give a perfect view….if you can’t join me right now that’s OK…. I’m not going anywhere….so come back when you can stay a spell.  I’ll keep a chair warm for ya until our paths cross again……. Lila

Oh let it snow……

January 10, 2011

Love night-time snow!

  Well folks we got us some snow and at night-time too!  My favorite kind.  My critters are lovin’ it too but have gone in to hiding for some reason…. hope to be better soon and up to full posting but seems like every time I say that I end up back into the hospital so keep your fingers….and toes crossed.  I’ll try to keep posting new snow photos as I can…ice may put me in the dark….if the power goes out I won’t be on-line for very long…until my battery dies…lol…if you don’t have snow I’ll take my inner child with me and play in the snow on your behalf until our paths cross again……. Lila

Do do do lookin' out my back door....yes my patio.....come out critters!

Waterfalls of Life

November 17, 2010

                                   The verity of events in our life are like waterfalls.

                         Their waters not only help to shape us but they also give us

                            strength and infuse our spirit with beauty and character.


          I have spent my days of late taking in the view of many such waterfalls of life.

Being shaped, weathered and worn by the cool waters.  Sharp edges smoothed.  Some areas thinned

to near breaking while others strengthened and made firm.  Never knowing what direction the rushing

water will take as it pushes over the cracks and crevices and filling swirling eddies with newly created sand.

No need to fight it for this is the way of life……as it has always been and will be until our paths cross again…..Lila


I want to thank Rich for allowing me the use of his photos on my blogs.  Rich’s photos are stunning examples of  nature and why we must protect and preserve our environment.  More of his work can be found on his link to North Carolina Waterfalls @   and to contact him for use or purchase of his work @    

Da Byrd Is Randomly Ramblin’ But….hey…it’s OK….really.

October 25, 2010


          So many times we rush about doing all the “right” things and working to keep on the path less traveled.  The path we are told is the path that will lead us to a better place or our spiritual reward when our time comes to leave this world.   Yet we still tend to lose out on some of the benefits of that least traveled path.  We focus on following all the rules and that’s not a bad thing.  It’s rewarding to serve others, to be kind and to teach our family to do the same.  I know it might sound like the old cliché to “…take time to stop and smell the flowers…” but it’s more than that, as we don’t have to wait to receive some of our reward….well for those that believe in an after life the best is yet to come and for those that don’t believe in an after life they can enjoy along with the rest of us the many wonders and beauty all a long the path less traveled.  We all should slow down and enjoy what is around us right now!  Lift our eyes up and side to side, under a few leaves and around the next curve. Enjoy and nurture the graceful beauty all around our path.  But don’t take it for granted either.  Be thankful and respectful of what has been intrusted to our care along the path less traveled…..for we will have to give an accounting of our deeds while traveling this path.  So slow down…..look around and create some of those soon to be memories long ago lost and unknown awaiting to be rediscover in another time and place… at peace with all around you and let grace be your companion until our paths cross again…… Lila


October 6, 2010

Feathered friends always there for each other....


Aww I miss ’em too.  I’m still having a rough time with a new treatment regimen. Having a hard time keeping my focus and at times just plain old silly.  My critters are having to adjust to my current level of activity and they are not happy but they understand and I hope my readers will too! Thank you for your patience and patronage as my critters and I enjoy the visits and sharing of their many critter tales.  I know that our environment will not wait for me to feel better and for this I deeply regret and I hope you will spend a few minutes to visit the links on my blog roll for the environmental groups I support and work with as they have a wealth of information both helpful and fun too!  I am going to let you enjoy a little of the lighter side now….. 


Never trust a cat and never leave them alone....


         Always keep your eyes on a cat, never let it walk behind you as the only reason it would do so would be to talk or do something behind your back….may you walk in joy with the sun lighting your way until our paths cross again…. Lila 


September 15, 2010



     Folks just like you never want to play poker with a cat…..never, never let your dog have an unsupervised play date with a cat either.  Nothing good can come of such an occasion.  Those good-hearted pups just don’t stand a chance against a wily, sneaky cat.  So, if you have seen one of those crafty feline critters that has lurked around trying to play nice with your dog…. you might want to keep your dog inside and sleep with one eye open! Double check your windows and doggy door to make sure all is locked up tight.  We are entering the season cats love the most…….Boooo!   Me too….{if here you would see a small smile forming}…. I hope I’m feeling better soon as I like fall and winter.  Hope to be all perky and posting full posts in a couple of days! In the mean time, there are tons of great critter tales of days gone by…..just pull up that rockin’ chair over yonder and prop your feet up…..have a hot cup of cinnamon apple cider…..I always stir in a few of those mini red hots shaped like hearts into each cup….hmmm sooo gooood!  And snuggle into a good long read…..maybe from the very beginning……..enjoy and let your inner child take you by the hand and remind you how to skip instead of walk through this changing of seasons until our paths cross again………. Lila